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Talk Money Show is a weekly show hosted by Agnesia Agrella from Symetize to create a safe space for people to talk about money.  So many people are embarrassed about their financial situation and sometimes to embarrassed to ask for help.  This show explores the emotions around money, how other people overcame their embarrassment, emotion and fear around money.

Agnesia believes that everybody is in the business of making money. Whether you work for a boss or have your own business your money is your business.

In this show we look at the meaning of “Minding your own business.”

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How to start trading Cryptocurrency? Friday 26 January 2018 12pm GMT

GET STARTED SAFELY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY | The Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem is a technology movement that is rapidly ushering in a new breed of transparent, secure, private, uncensored, distributed applications. 

The world is entering a new age, where technology can propagate global abundance. People will become their own banks, they will own and operate their own natural resources and utilities, they will own their privacy and they will monetize themselves. 

There are huge opportunities for the pioneers that learn what this technology means for society and commerce, and become earners in the technology movement that will decentralize financial, privacy and regulatory control.

Morgan has been following Bitcoin since early 2014. Her instinct told her to buy a few bitcoins, but she wasn’t fully committed until 2017 when she started creating her own portfolio of digital currencies. 

Her 20+ years in technology and tech investments gives her an advantage. Over her career, she’s made dozens of technological predictions that resulted in generous gains. 

Morgan helps businesses and individuals understand how to think about the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem, so you can make informed decisions about where it makes sense to focus.

Bitcoin is here to stay. That’s why NOW is the time to build your digital wealth. 


Money is just a result delivered by a well-executed system.  Agnesia believes that each business is a system as complex as that within the human body.  When a body’s systems work well, it is healthy and when a business’s systems work well, it makes lots of money.  

Just as everyone has a body, so too do they have a business that they need to take care off. From the entry level corporate employee, up to Billionaires, everyone is engaged in the business of making as much money as they want.

Agnesia combines her knowledge of the human body, construction, and her knowledge of business processes to create extraordinary environments for people to make extraordinary amounts of money…Talk Money Show is about learning that everybody starts with nothing but their choices and action determine which systems they employ and the amount of success they generate!!  Making money is a system you just have to employ a system that produces the results you want!!

Agnesia is passionate about inspiring and empowering you to face your fear around money and for you to implement a money management system that will produce the results you deserve!!


Agnesia’s passion to support you to make as much money as you want, will totally change your focus and motivate you to implement the systems that will take you and your team to the next level of success!!