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Cars – Investment or Expense?

Cars – Investment or Expense? 

Andy Dickens from Simplicity Cars in Edinburgh is passionate about cars.  We explore this wonderful topic of is Cars and Investment or an Expense.  

Andy’s advice is this:

If it Appreciates, Buy It. If it Depreciates, Lease It.”
He can provide you with options to look at financing your car, but with so few cars out there that appreciate in value, he suggests you look at leasing. Very few people choose a vehicle thinking about what it will actually cost them over time, and this depreciation is often a silent cost to you.
Add to that the interest that you pay on something that is loosing value, let’s challenge the perception that there is value in owning your car. 

Unstoppable Tracy – Keynote Speaker at Edinburgh International Marketing Festival

Delighted to announce our Keynote speaker for Marketing Festival 2018!! Unstoppable Tracy from Toronto is a best selling author, award winning International motivational speaker, snowboard champion, Oprah Magazine shared her story on quest for the Gold World Cup Sailor, she climbed Himalayan mountains, captained 110-foot-tall ship, won paraskiing bronze and is funny too. Oh, did I mention she was born a 4-way amputee? 

The very 1st Edinburgh International Marketing Festival is happening this August 2018. This year the festival’s focus is launching outstanding authors.

The Edinburgh International Marketing Festival (EIMF) is an opportunity for authors and entrepreneurs to launch and sell their new products to this amazing audience. What better way to strengthen your brand and tell the world about your book and products.

We are planning to bring great speakers to the festival, create a great networking opportunities and have 3-day marketing conference during Edinburgh’s busiest festival month.

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Create safe spaces for your money with Francois Joubert

Francois is the Founder and CEO of Jouling Group (Pty) Ltd. Jouling Group is an investment company that makes strategic investments in viable start up and established companies. Its portfolio includes majority shareholding in companies in the Education Sector, Professional Accounting Sector and IT Technology Sector.

True to his vision to make a positive impact in the lives of other and leave a legacy of significance, Francois co-founded the Intelligent Millionaires Network in April 2016, with the main purpose to give Entrepreneurs the tools, support and connections to get their business to the first million.

Francois is a qualified CA(SA) and has more than 15 years business experience. In 2014 he resigned from his high paying corporate job on a mission to inspire people to achieve not only exceptional business results but also continuous personal growth. His accounting firm, Results Accounting Group, helps entrepreneurs to better understand their financial and non-financial information in order to make better business decisions.

“We don’t just capture your financial information – we make it come alive.”


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Unstoppable Tracey is Keynote speaker at Edinburgh International Marketing Festival 2018

Delighted to announce our Keynote speaker for Marketing Festival 2018!! 

Tracy is UNSTOPPABLE – and not just because she was cameoed in the movie Robo Cop.

Unstoppable Tracy #1 International Speaker based out of Toronto is sharing the stage with Jane Fonda, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Mark Whalberg and more! Her mind blowing story always gets standing ovations pushing audiences out of their limitation zones. 

She is the winner of the 2017 Robert W. Jackson Award [Founder of the Canadian Paralympics], 2017 Ontario Premier Awards, 2017 C-SASIL Lifetime Achievement Award and 2018 Women of Essence Global Award Nominee and as seen on CBC, City TV, Global News, NBC, FOX and globally around the world!

Oprah Magazine shared her story as Quest for the Gold World Cup Sailor, who climbed Himalayan mountains, captained 110-foot-tall ship,  won paraskiing bronze and funny too.

Oh, did I mention she was born a 4-way amputee?

Success depends on  perseverance. As an award winning Leader in business and in sport she is now earned the title #1 International Speaker,  honoured Humanitarian, authority Advocate, decorated Athlete, who delivers the Lim[b]itless Secret! Now she adds best selling author to her long list of amazing accomplishments. Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul endorsed her book ‘Unstoppable YOU; Exceed Uncertainty, Embrace Possibilities, Earn Independence’. Tracy doesn’t just talk high performance in business…she lives it! As a Corporate Consultant who is laser focused, hard hitting business coach for your team,  her skill set includes building team’s that are out preforming stock market in times of crisis!

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Launching Edinburgh International Marketing Festival with Anna Publico-Ong and Agnesia Agrella

Anna and Agnesia is Launching their Edinburgh Internationl Marketing Festival for Authors.  

  • Founded in 1947, the Edinburgh International Festival is an unparalleled celebration of the performing arts and an annual meeting point for peoples of all nations. Committed to virtuosity and originality, the International Festival presents some of the finest performers and ensembles from the worlds of dance, opera, music and theatre for three weeks in August. 
  • In 2017 the International Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary.
  • With thousands of visitors from all over the world visiting Edinburgh, what better place to hold a marketing festival.
  • Our mission is to support authors to launch and sell their book during the fesitval.  It will include a 3 day marketing conference dedicated to aspiring authors and book lovers.

Anna Publico-Ong is co-founder of Picodeliq a digital design studio with a big heart and big dreams for design and their clients. She has engineered expansion for her clients to extend their client base to the Asia Pacific region and London.

She and her team provides advice on developing brand and corporate identity, developing websites using the latest open-source technologies and industry standard. They are resident in Edinburgh Scotland, but do business globally. 

Picodeliq’s mission is to create world class designs for ordinary people and global thinking business. They are a full service agency providing consultancy, training, graphic design, web development and applications development. Anna runs a monthly Marketing Meetup where she facilitate great discussion on branding and marketing.

Branding is so important today and marketing your brand on digital platform is essential. Doing this efficiently and cost effectively can be the difference between being successful and going out of business.

Agnesia is a process specialist assisting sole entrepreneurs and businesses grow their business through technology.  With her extensive knowledge and understanding of the interdependencies between business processes, and data she adds value by documenting business processes in various modelling tools to bring all stakeholders to common understanding of current business processes and challenges.

Her strengths are facilitating and leading diverse teams to link to their business vision using technology and finding solutions that best suit business needs and requirements. Her openness to share her knowledge creates collaborative teams that focus on finding great solutions for any business problem.

She constantly expands her knowledge in her field to understand how new technology can benefit the business area she works with.

Agnesia believes that each business is a system as complex as that within the human body. When a body’s systems work well, it is healthy and when a business’s systems work well, it makes lots of money.
Combining the power of the human body with clear business focus allows the staff of that business to achieve extra ordinary results. Agnesia can lead your team to achieve extra ordinary results.

Together Anna and Agnesia bring years of experience in marketing and process to successfully launch your book!!


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Get started safely with crupto currency with Morgan Pierce

The Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem is a technology movement that is rapidly ushering in a new breed of transparent, secure, private, uncensored, distributed applications. 

The world is entering a new age, where technology can propagate global abundance. People will become their own banks, they will own and operate their own natural resources and utilities, they will own their privacy and they will monetize themselves. 

There are huge opportunities for the pioneers that learn what this technology means for society and commerce, and become earners in the technology movement that will decentralize financial, privacy and regulatory control.

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