Creating Healthy Money Habits

Did you know that Symetize has joined forces with Out of Bounds Holiday Resorts to bring to you a  visionary new resort design system that allows you to enjoy nature and live in harmony with nature?

A 5 star luxury resort system, designed for owners and guests with a love of the environment, the beauty of nature and a desire to rediscover their inner child. 

The things that distinguishes those who choose to implement Out of Bounds Resort System is their sense of discovery, travelling the road less travelled and desire to reconnect with nature.

They choose to be pathfinders and enjoy sharing their discovery with their friends and loved ones. 

Their sense of beauty, style and sophistication encapsulates their everyday life. They have a desire to contribute in some way to a sustainable future and carbon free world.

Did you know that is now possible to create this beautiful and luxurious resort within 9 months from order?

Did you know you can also make money from this resort, because that is what we do at Out of Bbounds Resorts.


We design your resort with you, manufacture the units, pack them in containers, ship them to any where in the world.

We send a team of 6 to assemble the resort for you, we then manage and rent the resort on your behalf when you are not there.

If this visonary resort design system is for you contact Agnesia on the contacts page.


If you have tried repeatedly to change your money situtaion and are thinking how can you ever affort this resort?  If you have tried repeatedly to change and only to fall back into old patterns, you start off great, but then slowly due to discomfort of the uncertainty, you find yourself saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” or if you find that no matter how much you can taste the benefits of managing your finances, you never seem to be able to follow through? Then Money Mindset is for you. Agnesia can explain why this happen and how you can take charge of your money.

Money Mindset is designed to help you break through your barriers of change.

You work directly with Agnesia, setting a plan specifically for your situation, once you make the commitment to enrol in the programme she will support you and keep you accountable to your commitment.

Change is not easy but it is so much easier doing it with somebody who understands and who has done it themselves.

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