Hamish Sheppard – Role of an Alternative Accountant

Accountants can report what happened in your business or they can work with you to create wealth. 

In this video Hamish Sheppard from Crunchers Alternative Accountants explain the difference. 

I believe your accountant is the first team member any start up business should appoint.  Only Alternative accountants will support you and influence what happens in your business. 

There is no benefit reporting what happened in your business.  If anything did not work it is to late to do anything about it.  You need to plan for what can go wrong and reduce the risks of failure, even as a startup.   Knowing what can go wrong can be the difference whehter you succeed or fail as a start up business.  Statistics indicate up to 90% of start up businesses fail.  

Learn how not to be a statistic.!!    Watch Now


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