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Is a groundbreaking workshop based on the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience.  If you’re ready to shift your culture and build an emotionally intelligent, resilient, creative, and fully engaged team and leaders, then CYMCNR workshop  experience offers powerful insights, along with tools for change.  This experience enables individuals, in a group environment, to harness the incredible power of their brains to make significant changes. The result is positively transformed corporate cultures and developed leaders. 

Agnesia recently qualified as a Neuro Change Solutions consultant with Dr Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a researcher, best-selling author, and global lecturer, has worked closely with master trainers and curriculum design experts to create a program specifically designed to facilitate organisational change. Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified trainers to deliver this work.  

As a result of this workshop, with recommended follow-on group coaching, you will:

  • Learn how the brain works and why this is important for change
  • Set goals for yourself and your team and how to achieve them
  • Apply practices, based on neuroscience, to create pathways to new potentials and new ways of BEING for you and your organisation
  • Experience how to mentally rewire your brain for lasting change

If you’re ready to shift your culture and build an emotionally intelligent, resilient, creative, and fully engaged team and leaders, then this workshop experience offers powerful insights and tools for change.

This experience enables individuals to harness the incredible power of their brains to make significant changes, all within a group environment.

The result has positively transformed corporate cultures and developed leaders. 

If you want more information on how you can use this training in your organization: 

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Who is Dr Joe Dispenza?

As a NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Joe has written You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (Hay House, 2014), which explores our ability to heal without drugs or surgery, but rather by thought alone. He has also written Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Hay House, 2012) and Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (2007), both of which detail the neuroscience of change and epigenetics. Becoming Supernatural is Dr. Joe’s fourth book. His film appearances include HEAL (2017); E-otion (2014); Sacred Journey of the Heart (2012); People v. the State of Illusion (2011); What IF – The Movie (2010); Unleashing Creativity (2009); and What the #$*! Do We Know? & Down the Rabbit Hole, extended DVD version (2005).

Dr. Joe received a B.S. from Evergreen State College and his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University, where he graduated with honors. His postgraduate training covered neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, and aging and longevity.